Mavic Hits Power Line - Survives!

Mavic Hits Power Line - Survives!

This was filmed Jan 2017 - Well, this is one of those videos I was reluctant to post. It shows a miscalculation that causes the Mavic Pro to graze the power with its rear props. It didn't go crazy and fall from the sky. However I wish I had taken pictures of the rear props so you saw what they looked like. Best way to describe them was chewed up and almost falling off. There was only about 60% of the rear props left when landing. Very lucky

It was originally thought the props were damaged on landing because the Mavic landed in loose gravel. It wasn't until after we watched this video that we noticed what happened. AT all times there was awareness of the power line, it was early in the days of flying the Mavic and the miscalculation of altitude based on distance away and angle of view is what happened here. the Mavic seems to be a very durable aircraft and survived this and a few other impacts with trees and the ground.

All in all, make sure you know your terrain before flying!

credit and permission given by: Drone_video on YouTube

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