About Drones Ace

Hi guys, Eric here. 

I got into drones&UAV in 2016 and LOVE it. I currently fly a Phantom 3 Advanced. I'm looking to upgrade when I make more money.

I have tested all of my products on my friend's DJI Mavic Pro. I only sell quality parts and accept any and all returns if you're not satisfied with the quality!

Lastly, my goal is to make drone flying fun and safe for the pilots, as well as everyone around them! I'd really appreciate it if you bought parts and products from me as opposed to the big corporations like Amazon, BestBuy and WalMart. 

Part of the profit and ALL of my efforts will be put towards following and developing the best drone piloting practices, education and promotions! 

Check out my first book: Mavic Secrets


If you have any questions, you can find me at

[email protected]