Mavic Secrets: Drills & Flying Techniques Will Make You Better

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In this e-book, you will learn the most efficient and proven drills & techniques to flying your drone. You can go from Beginner to Confident and Fly whenever you like. 

Before you start, here is a question I want you to ask yourself when you fly:

“How natural do my turns look?”

Through these drills I’m about to teach you, you will learn how to make those nice smooth, elevating turns that turn into amazing shots.

Here are some of the drills you will learn: 

  • Drill 1 - Square LOS
  • Drill 2 - Hover LOS
  • Drill 3 - Coordinated Truns LOS 
  • Drill 4 - Hover FPV
  • Drill 5 - Coordinated Turns FPV
  • Drill 6 - Orbit
  • Drill 7 - Figure 8